Richard Wolf was out on his normal Tuesday evening training ride on Tuesday 10 August 2021, the same ride he had ridden a thousand times in his hometown of Bend, Oregon USA.

Teenager Flynn Lovejoy had been fishing and drinking when he hopped in his Toyota Landcruiser to drive home.

Their paths intersected on Century Drive in Bend at 18:15, when the Toyota Landcruiser, driven by Lovejoy, crossed the centerline, drifted onto the road shoulder and hit 61-year-old Wolf, killing him instantly.

That is what Oregon State Police reports reveal.

The Bend Bulletin also reported that Lovejoy told police, “I’ve been drinking all day,” when they apprehended him after he fled the scene of the crash.

Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies arrested 19-year-old Lovejoy and booked him in the county jail on charges of Manslaughter, Failure to Perform Duties, DUII-Alcohol Charges, Recklessly Endangering Another Person and Reckless Driving. He has since been released from jail and has retained Bryan M. Donahue as private counsel for his next hearing date, 14 September 2021.

In Oregon it is illegal 1) for anyone under age 21 to drink alcohol, 2) to provide alcohol to anyone under 21 and 3) to operate a vehicle while intoxicated.

Richard Wolf will be dearly missed. For over 20 years he competed in amateur mountain bike, road, and track events throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest as part of the Sunnyside Sports bike team.

“Richard rode for our team. A highly skilled individual on the bike for sure. He happened to be at the same place at the same time as this kid who….who… yeah,” team manager, Susan Conner, somberly told Central Oregon Daily News.


PHOTOS: Deschutes County Sheriff, OBRA

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