With the 4th (or is it 5th?) coronavirus wave growing and rolling across the globe, the phrase “It’s not over, till it’s over” could not be more true.

Organisers of the popular Mercan Tour Bonette cyclosportive high in the southern French Alps have been forced to cancel the 6th edition of their event planned for 22 August due to COVID risk and financial uncertainty.  

“It is with regret that we have taken the decision today to cancel the 6th edition of the Mercan’Tour Bonette. We have always wanted to maintain a close relationship with our competitors and we will therefore be perfectly transparent. A little over 10 days before the event, the uncertainties became too great and, let’s face it, for the first time, the too low number of entrants put our structure in financial danger in this period of which we unfortunately do not yet see the exit,” Mercan Tour Bonette announced.  

Even with strict safety protocols, including all participants presenting a valid French government issued COVID Health Pass, the risks were just to great to continue.  

“This year we can no longer bet on ‘last minute registrations’, because it is as of today that we must incur our expenses.  The fact is that we cannot under current conditions continue to solicit our teams, our volunteers, the various community services that support us for an event that would not be up to par.”

Although disappointed, registered riders were understanding and showed support via social media.

Florian Favin – What a disappointment but I understand the decision😊wholeheartedly with you and we’ll meet at the Mercantour Madonna Peille😉

Thomas Berger – Courage and bravo for what you are doing in these difficult circumstances. There will be others.

Patrice Martini – Tough this period for sporting events. Courage to the entire organization team😉

Mercan Tour Bonette plans to return in 2022.

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