The Italian National Anti-Doping Agency (NADO) has suspended 47 year-old amateur bicyclist Mirko Talignani after he returned a positive test result for the banned performance enhancing substance Testosterone (commonly known as T) at the G.P. Cicli Caroli event in Villagrappa on 24 April.

Talignani (Fbr-Elpo Cycling Team) won the 40-49 year-old category, adding to his growing list of victories this year. He also powered to victory at Giro della Lomellina, Imola and Monticelli Pavese with impressive sprinting.

Testosterone, a type of anabolic steroid, increases the muscle’s ability to synthesize protein. Muscle fibers become larger and repair faster as a result. When used with weight lifting and intense on-the-bike training, this can lead to development of massive, powerful muscles used for sprinting.

Talignani is a recent new recruit to the amateur Fbr-Elpo Cycling Team, which announced his much anticipated arrival with enthusiasm in December 2020.

“Now it’s official!! From Extremo Racing comes the strong Sprinter Mirko Talignani!! Welcome!!”

Facebook: Fbr-Elpo Cycling Team

After NADA’s announcement of Talignani’s suspension the team’s enthusiasm waned and they issued the following statement:

OFFICIAL COMMUNICATE We took some time to consider the Situation, We regret to learn that our athlete tested positive for an anti-doping check carried out on 24/4/21 at the end of the Villagrappa (Fc) race as per NADO Italia report. Confident in a quick clarification of the situation we prevent our athlete from every race as requested by the sports institutions. FBR from day one has always been clearly placed against any illicit use of dopant substance in compliance with the ethical rules of sport. We will report the outcome of the event as soon as the investigation is over.

Facebook: Fbr-Elpo Cycling Team

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