Looking for an event where you can live it up? Have fun?  Grind a little Rocky Mountain gravel?

Time to check out Dead Man Gravel, Colorado’s newest gravel race.  It is not only one of the highest elevation (10,000ft) and most challenging races you can do in the USA, but also the most inclusive.


Grassroots gravel racing has always attracted the free-spirited –  dreamers, misfits, the marginalized and outcasts. It’s what makes gravel racing different.  Dead Man Gravel embraces that same spirit by creating an event for all types of cyclists – 1st time graveleurs, Pros, kids, weekend-warriors, couples, LGBTQ and BIPOC, as well as people from all races and sexes.

“I’m so excited to be able to share all that Nederland and the Peak to Peak area has to offer, especially when it comes to having fun riding bikes on our amazing network of gravel roads,” said Gavin Coombs, founder of Dead Man Gravel. “This is going to be a fantastic event that hopefully helps continue to move the needle for increasing diversity and inclusivity in cycling.”

The race debuts 31 July in Nederland, Colorado USA with three courses taking riders through Front Range ghost towns filled with remnants of Colorado’s dirty, gritty mining era.   For true competitive Type A riders, there is the Tungsten Course at 66 miles with elevations up to a sky-high 10,535 feet.  Then there is the more asphalt friendly 41 mile Gold Course; and the beginner-friendly Silver Course with 50% asphalt and 50% gravel surfaces.

Get Dead Man Gravel details here.

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