Leading the pack of 2021 North American gran fondos to be cancelled for a second year in a row is the hugely popular GFNY World Championship race scheduled on 16 May in New York City.

The organiser announced the cancellation quietly, with a simple edit on the GFNY website, changing the race date to 15 May 2022.

On top of loosing title sponsor Campagnolo in 2020 and a recurring  amateur doping problem, cancelling the penultimate GFNY race for a second time in a row might imply the end of road is near for the event.

Like other unprincipled organisers, GFNY does not refund registration fees for any reason and is keeping all fees collected from the cancelled 2020 and 2021 championship races.  As in the past, GFNY promises to roll registered riders to the tentative 2022 date.

Previously, the event was one of the largest gran fondo races in North America with over 5000 cyclists paying upwards of $350 to participate.

Two other 2021 GFNY races have also cancelled and announced new tentative dates – GFNY Monterrey Mexico on 6 Mar 2022 and GFNY Punta del Este Uruguay on 20 Mar 2022.

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