Hunter Gough’s bad luck streak was broken on 7 February when he won the legendary Milford Mountain Classic gran fondo race in New Zealand.

Just two months earlier the 18 year-old was wearing casts on both arms after crashing during New Zealand’s Tour of the Southland.

“You fall off, you get back up,” he told STUFF media after the crash.

That’s exactly what he did.


Continuing to train on a stationary bike, Gough not only maintained fitness, but continued to build his racing form.

It paid off at the Milford Mountain Classic gran fondo where he made it into the final group of three riders in search of victory.

Sprinting against pro riders James Williamson and Myles Gibson, both 10+ years older than Gough, proved easy for the 18 year-old.  He finished 2 seconds in front of Williamson and 7 seconds up on Gibson to take the win.

Vicki Martin won the Women’s race in 4:18:30 and finished 27th overall.

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