With a time of 3:04:35, Otavio Bulgarelli won his 3rd L’Etape Brasil by Tour de France on Sunday 6 December in Campos do Jordão, Brasil.

The 36 year-old ex-professional cyclist, who won in 2018 and 2019, set a new course record of 3:04:35 on the 107 kilometre gran fondo route in the mountains of Southeastern Brasil.

”It was a more difficult year with stronger competitors. But this time I arrived solo (without photofinish), because I was more prepared. The experience spoke louder. I managed to attack in the end and I won,” Bulgarelli told Planeta da Bike afterwards.

Felipe Fossati Richert finished in second position with the time of 3:05:02, followed by Guilherme Ribeiro do Couto at 3:06:50.

In the Women’s 107km race 20 year-old Ana Vitoria Magalhães, better known as “Tota,” won with a time of 3:28:06, followed by Beatriz Neres Orzechowski (3:29:30) and Mariana Santos Brügger (3:33:17).

Over 2500 cyclists participated in L’Etape Brasil, making it the largest amateur cycling race in South America.  It was also the only L’Etape by Tour de France race this year since the other 19 races in the worldwide series were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2021 edition of L’Etape Brasil is scheduled for 26 September and a brand new race, L’Etape Rio de Janeiro, is planned for 27 June.

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