The future of Great Britain’s largest 100 mile gran fondo style cycling event, one of the largest in the world, looks grim as local support is withdrawn.

Surrey County Council has voted to cancel its support for RideLondon and not allow use of its roads after the 2021 edition, which will now only ride 4 miles in Surrey on a shortened 50 mile route.

After 8 years, Surrey’s 1.5M residents have grown weary of the event with many unhappy with lycra-clad cyclists blocking roads, creating congestion, littering, urinating in public and displaying anti-social behavior.

Surrey County Council indicated it plans to focus on smaller, community-led cycling events that encourage a greater variety of local participation.

The elimination of Surrey roads is just another of many setbacks for RideLondon that includes dropping the marque Men’s and Women’s professional races, cancelling RideLondon 2020 due to COVID19 and  massive logistical problems.

Since 2013 many miles of Surrey County roads have been used for the 100 mile event that begins in London.  Without the more rural roads of Surrey, the organizer is now trying to figure out how to ride 100 miles in the congested confines of London.

That just might be the final nail in the coffin.

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