Starting at midnight on 15 August, 227 gravel cyclists set out to race on gravel roads across the USA State of Minnesota at the Day Across Minnesota (DAMn) gravel fondo with a goal of completing the 242 mile route in 24 hours or less.

191 achieved success, earning the coveted title of DAMn Champion, but it was Chase Wark (Men) who crossed the finish line first in 11:43 and Kate Coward (Women) in 15:00 who set new course records and claimed victory.

At the other end of the race, squeaking in at 23:44 with 16 minutes to spare was Jeremy Mickelson who was the last rider to finish within 24 hours. 

1st Place Men – Chase Wark – 11:43 (record)
2nd Place Men – Chris Stevens – 12:14
3rd Place Men – Aaron Halfaker – 12:53
1st Place Women – Kate Coward – 15:00 (record)
2nd Place Women – Veronica Hudacek – 16:30
3rd Place Women – Tina Olson – 17:31
Fastest Single Speed – C.Parsons & J.Gorrilla (tie) – 15:35
Lanterne Rouge – Jeremy Mickelson – 23:44 !!!

Complete DAMn results here.

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