221 lucky riders participated in the 15th edition of the amateur Erzgebirge 3-day tour last weekend in the Ore Mountains of Germany, with overall victory secured by 23 year-old Anton Abrecht.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and pent-up demand from cyclists locked down for many months, the event had twice as many participants as last year.

After 3 stages Anton Abrecht led the overall competition, finishing 1:16 ahead of up-and-coming 16 year-old Luca Kasnya and 1:19 in front of Florian Anderle. Albrecht staked his claim to the “yellow jersey” with a solo victory on stage 1 and was never  in any threat of losing it on stage 2 or 3.

The best climber and winner of the “polka dot jersey” was Florian Anderle ahead of Anton Albrecht and Andre Reinlein. Anton Albrecht also secured the “white jersey” of the best young rider with Erik Schulze taking the “green jersey” of the best sprinter.

In the women’s race Beate Zanner took the overall victory, winning the “pink jersey” as the fastest women in front of Svenja Betz and Lydia Ventker.

Matthias Reinfried won the “blue jersey” for the best old rider ahead of Michael Anthes and Christian Schmidt.

Full 2020 Erzgebirge Tour results here.

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