For months we’ve washed our hands, stayed home, worn face masks and tried to stay 2m apart when.  Now governments around the world are easing COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and the burden of managing the spread of the virus shifting to individuals.

That means YOU are now in charge of your own personal COVID-19 safety and deciding which activities to avoid and which ones pose little risk of spreading the virus.

MichiganLive news in the USA interviewed leading health experts (i.e. doctors, researchers and scientists) and asked them to assign a risk level for various activities, including cycling.

The experts considered five key elements when assigning risk to an activity: 1) Inside or outside. 2) Proximity to others. 3) Potential exposure time. 4) Likelihood others follow safety guidelines. 5) Personal risk level.

The list below is the result of their expert analysis, assigning scores for activities from 1 to 10, with 10 being riskiest and a 1 being least risky. The score is an average of scores given by the health experts, rounded to the nearest whole number.

The most risky activity?  Going to bars and clubs received the highest risk score at 9.

The good news is one of the least risky activities is cycling outdoors in a small group.  It received a risk score of 2.

Let (small) group rides resume!

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