Everyone was smiling at the start of the first on-the-road gran fondo since worldwide pandemic lockdown began three months ago, but by the end of the race everyone was completely blown away – literally.

Ride The Gap Gran Fondo took place on Saturday in Enoch, Utah, USA where 247 riders battled 20-40mph winds, crashes and each other as they raced from Enoch to Minersville and back via the red sandstone cliffs of Parowan Gap.

The wind was so strong riders still on the course in the afternoon were pulled off by the promoter due to safety concerns.

In the 100-mile gran fondo race 33 year-old Nicholas Chase from St. Geoge, Utah rode away from everyone to post the fastest time at 4:33:08, followed by John Langston in 5:12:20 and Anthony Luna at 5:12:22.

The women’s 100-mile race saw Malory Reese take home victory in 5:41:21, followed by Rochelle Nyberg and Peg Boren.

Mathew Richards won the men’s 75-mile race and Elizabeth Card the women’s.

Tammy Weaver won the 55-mile women’s race with Corey Adams claiming the men’s with an impressive 25.4mph average speed – the fastest for the day.

The Three Amigas (Randie, Angie and Lyndsey) opted to ride the 30-mile piccolo fondo and posted these thoughts afterwards on social media, “We three may or may not be crazy… that was a tough ride for the books for sure. 20+ mph head winds for over half the 35 miles. We tackled what we set out to do. I’m pretty amazed at what it took to do it. I definitely wouldn’t want to have done it with out these two amazing ladies that’s for damn sure!!”

We agree!  It’s always nice to have teammates to ride and race with – especially during a pandemic.

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