Canadian gran fondo races in August are starting to cancel – four months in advance – as the sinking reality of the “new normal” COVID-19 situation takes hold.

Ontario’s Lake Huron Gran Fondo announced today that putting on a mass attendance cycling event in August is not prudent in 2020 and has cancelled the event.

“Planning to host a gathering of over 1,000 people in a time when public gatherings may still be banned for months to come would contradict the values of the Foundation, in which we work to support the health of our community, residents and visitors.”

Rather than keep registration fees like some event promoters, Lake Huron Gran Fondo, in partnership with riders, is donating registration fees to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation to help front line heath care workers fight COVID-19 and save lives.

The organizing committee plans to bring the Gran Fondo Lake Huron back in 2021.

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