Being super fit, healthy and young does not mean you are invincible to coronavirus.

40 year-old amateur UK cyclist Daniel Schuchman is fighting for his life with round-the-clock critical care after catching coronavirus last week.  He has now spent seven days in hospital where he requires constant oxygen and struggles to speak just a few words.

His wife, Anna Schuchman, rushed Daniel to hospital when he could barely breath,  could not walk, fever was not responding to over-the-counter medication and he did not know where he was.

Daniel was taken to hospital Northwick Park, which has been overwhelmed with coronavirus patients and is struggling to provide critical care.

After four days, even with Daniels strong athletic background and cardiovascular system, he could hardly nod or shake his head to answer questions.

Although their is no treatment for the virus, Anna reports Daniel’s condition has since plateaued, he can now speak a few words at a time and doctors are hopeful he will slowly improve.

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