Top medical scientists think the odds are against the Tour de France (and any gran fondos) happening in August/September, they say it will likely be impossible.

Belgian sports media Sporza consulted worldwide experts about holding the Tour de France in August/September, and they all say it will likely be impossible.

“Unless the Tour de France is organised in an almost unrecognisable way, there will be serious health problems with a race in August,” said Benjamin Cowie, epidemiology professor at the University of Melbourne.

Stefano D’Amelio, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Rome sees another COVID19 wave coming, “A second wave of contamination is very likely. The hypothesis is now that a second wave, which will be less severe, will come in September or October. That coincides with the Tour and the Giro. I’m sorry.”

Holding a 2020 Tour de France, even without roadside fans, is risky according to Dean Winslow, professor of infectious diseases at Stanford University.

“There is evidence that riders can spread contaminated drops that fall up to 4 or 5 metres behind them,”  Winslow said.  “It is frankly very difficult to think of the measures to make it safe for the riders, especially because of the intensive contact between them and the long period of contact during the Tour.”

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