As military troops arrived, the island of Majorca shut the doors and told tourists to immediately pack their bags and go home.

Francina Armengol, President of Spain’s Balearic Islands, announced the closure of ports and airports as 19 new cases of coronavirus were discovered and the total number of cases climbed to 92.

All flights and vessels with commercial or private passengers to the Balearic Islands, regardless of national or international origin, are now banned.

The 25,000 tourists on Majorca are confined to their hotels until departure.  Hotels and holiday rentals will close. Cycling is now forbidden under threat of arrest as military troops patrol streets.

“The fewer people there are in the Islands, the less risk of contagion and the more protected we will be,” Armengol said during her annuncement.

These actions also cancel the 29 April Majorca 312 amateur cycling event.  With Majorca closed to tourists, it will be impossible for the 8000 registered cyclists to attend the sold out event.

Majorca 312 promoter Milestone Series hopes the pandemic is over by Fall and has rescheduled the event for 10 October.

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