Upcoming 2020 UCI Gran Fondo World Series races are feeling the affects of an evolving worldwide coronavirus emergency and making adjustments as best they can in the face of uncertainty.

Here are the latest updates:

With almost 6000 confirmed cases and 35 deaths from coronavirus in South Korea, the government has declared a national disaster and the April 11-12 UCI Around Samcheok world championship qualifying race is now postponed till July 4-5.

UCI Tour de Bintan is scheduled to proceed as planned on March 27-29, but the government authorities are implementing coronavirus precautionary measures to protect cyclists, volunteers and supporters.  Those measures include temperature checks of all visitors arriving by ferry or boarding buses and placing suspected cases of coronavirus in quarantine. Indonesia has 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus at press time.

UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo is also scheduled to proceed as planned March 27-29.  Currently there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus on the island of Cyprus. However, participants arriving from, South Korea, Iran, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong will be asked to adhere to extra screening measures at airports.

Gran Fondo World Series races taking place in Australia during the next 30 days have not announced changes related to coronavirus.  The UCI Bathurst Cycling Challenge will take place on March 14-15 and on April 4-5 the UCI Tour de Brisbane.  Currently, 54 cases of coronavirus and 2 deaths have been reported in Australia.

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