GFNY announced Mexican rider Rudy Rincon (BUSINESSART GROUP) tested positive for banned substance GW501516 during out-of-competition testing prior to GFNY Cozumel 2019, held on November 10.

Rincon has been disqualified from GFNY Cozumel and receives a lifetime ban from all GFNY events. In addition, rules state Rincon must reimburse GFNY for the cost of the doping test and is liable for any damages to GFNY’s reputation that are a consequence of the positive doping test.

Prior to disqualification, Rincon finished 7th at GFNY Monterrey and 3rd at La Vuelta Mayakoba.

GW501516 is a black-market drug advertised as “increases stamina and reduces weight.”  It is a developmental drug withdrawn from research by the pharmaceutical company GSK in 2007 when serious toxicities were discovered.

The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) was so concerned about GW501516 it issued a warning to would-be dopers that the side effect of this chemical compound is very serious – rapid cancer development.

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