Club Fausto Coppi, organizer of Nove Colli Gran Fondo in Italy, has announced legal action against Marco Marone, who tested positive for banned substances at the May 19th, 2019 race in Cesenatico, Italy.

As per the regulations of the event signed by participants, the offender and their cycling club are strictly liable for their actions and damages to the promoter as the result of testing positive.

“In the event of positive anti-doping controls in the Granfondo Nove Colli, or positively ascertained in the six months following the Granfondo, in other sporting events, the competitor is required to pay the Nine Organizing Committee Colli, by way of compensation for the serious damage caused to the image of the event, the sum of €50,000.00 (fifty thousand euros).”

This is the first time a gran fondo promoter has started legal actions against a cyclist and club for doping.

Alessandro Spada, President of the Fausto Coppi club said, “We promote cycling as a tool for well-being and collective joviality. Exalted people beyond the limits of common sense and legality are not welcome at our event. For this reason, we have included a fine in our regulation for those who were found positive at the controls during the Nove Colli. Now is the time to move actions to definitively marginalize these individuals.”

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