In the American Southwest the Tour de Acoma is one of the most breathtaking gran fondos you will ever have the pleasure of riding,  and why we rate it as one of the Best In The West Gran Fondos.

Even in miserable cold rain – like this year.


Afterwards, overall 100-mile winner Fortunato Ferrara told GFDN, “I felt miserable for the last 6 miles. Totally empty and cold and soaked.”

The 18th Tour de Acoma gave gran fondo cyclists an opportunity to roll over sacred tribal lands at Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, USA.   Under cloudy skies and torrential downpour, cyclists rode through a wet enchanted landscape filled with sandstone mesas, towering monoliths and past the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America, Sky City.

Afterwards Maria Lane tweeted, “Thank you @AcomaPueblo for hosting and cheering us on the roads today! Even soggy and freezing, 50 miles of #TourDeAcoma is a special experience. Love that NM rain!!”

296 riders participated and were treated to a special once-a-year experience as they raced around the Pueblo, cheered on by locals standing in the rain to encourage riders.

The top three men and women in each distance (25, 50 and 100 miles) received a handmade Acoma pottery trophy worthy of prominent display.


25-Mile Race Winners: 

1M Winter Lewis       1:10:44
2M Derek Craig          1:12:48
3M Gerald Romero   1:17:20

1W Val Sarracino      1:25:29
2W Stacy Brossy       1:30:00
3W Renee Huber      1:32:59

50-Mile Race Winners:

1M Shawn Martin             2:22:08
2M Carmelo Rebolledo  2:25:27
3M William Littleton       2:28:50

1W Christina Hartsoc    2:28:49
2W Jessica Rice                 2:32:56
3W Cindy Sauerman       2:34:51

100-Mile Race Winners:

1M Fortunato Ferrara     4:11:52
2M Eugene Dougherty   4:22:51
3M Reed Soehnel               4:22:53

1W Lisa Dougherty         5:09:19
2W Nina Harrell                5:13:56
3W Karen Richards         5:57:57