In unbelievably dangerous weather conditions, Volta al Penedès race organizers in Catlunya, Spain decided to continue with a team time trial stage.

Biblical levels of flooding in the area made roads treacherous and not passable, nonetheless, young riders did their best for team managers, riding through flowing rivers of mud and debris, only to eventually crash with a big splash.

Velo journalist Nieves Moya posted the following two videos on Twitter to underscore just how dangerous conditions were, not only for riders, but for drivers as well.

Luckily, no riders were hurt in the crash – or run over.

The Catalunya Cycling Federation is investigating the incident to determine if the organizer and team managers put young riders at unnecessary risk by not cancelling the stage altogether, or stopping the stage when conditions were unsafe.

Weather was so bad in Europe this weekend even the Tour de France cancelled part of Friday’s stage 19 in the Alps to keep riders safe from hail and mudslides.