Moab, Utah USA isn’t just a slick-rock mountain biking mecca, it’s road rider paradise.


Today, the Moab Gran Fondo, sandwiched between Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah’s stunning red-rock desert, will take cyclists on a thrilling 62-mile roller-coaster ride they will never forget.

Riders starting in Moab will gently roll out of town alongside the emerald colored Colorado River and crimson red rocks of Aches National Park.  It’s a spectacular 18-mile warm-up on one of the most scenic routes you’ll ever ride in the Southwestern USA.

Next up for riders (and we mean up) is the 17-mile La Sal Mountain category 1 climb with 4250′ of elevation gain, switchbacks and “King of the Mountain/Queen of the Mountain” awards for Marco Pantani-esque pencil-thin climbers.


Scenic vistas are everywhere for riders to stop and soak up the amazing views – or just catch a breath – en route to the 8347′ summit.  With sunny conditions and temperatures expected up to 80-degrees today, riders will enjoy the long, fast, cool descent out of the La Sal Mountains back to Moab.

Record times for the 62-mile course are 2:41:43 in the men’s division and 3:12:45 in the women’s division.


Like its classic Italian counterparts, Gran Fondo Moab will serve a gourmet catered meal at the finish, prepared by celebrity chef Ken Moody of Moab Private Chef.

If all this sounds road trip worthy, 2020 just be might be the year to put this Southwest rock n’ roll classic ride on your bucket list.

Photos: Moab Gran Fondo